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The Problem.....Solved with ONE.

Low quality substandard retail ceramic coatings for professionals can cause a range of issues that can negatively impact the performance and durability of various surfaces. These coatings are often marketed as cost-effective alternatives to higher quality options, but they lack the necessary properties and formulation to provide long-lasting protection.

Another problem associated with substandard ceramic coatings is their limited durability. These coatings may wear off quickly, requiring frequent reapplication. This not only adds to the maintenance costs but also increases the risk of improper application, which can further compromise their effectiveness.

One of the main issues with low quality ceramic coatings is their inability to adhere properly to surfaces. These coatings may not have the necessary chemical composition or bonding agents to create a strong bond with the substrate. APEX NANO ONE contains market leading new generation adhesion promotors which allows it to bond to different substrates while providing expectional performance.

Furthermore, low quality ceramic coatings may lack the necessary resistance properties. For example, they may not offer sufficient resistance against scratches, stains, or abrasion. This can lead to premature wear and tear of the coated surface, diminishing its appearance and reducing its lifespan. 

TITAN Technologies has developed a versatile multi-surface carbon membrane coating solution to effectively address various issues. Our product, ONE, is specifically designed to offer superior protection and performance on diverse surfaces such as paint, metal, ppf/vinyl, plastic, and more. This single coating solution allows professionals to streamline their processes, cut costs, and guarantee consistent results. Although ONE may not match the performance of our flagship Extreme Performance series from TITAN Coatings®, it undoubtedly outperforms any retail offering. Thanks to its unique formulation fortified with graphene and borophene, this product offers professionals the solution they've been seeking. It's a versatile product that can safeguard all hard surfaces with superior ceramic coating protection, eliminating the need for surface-specific paint, PPF, plastic, and wheel coating. This all-in-one solution delivers uncompromised performance.

ONE provides improved durability, enabling it to resist extended exposure to UV rays, moisture, chemicals, and other harmful elements. This diminishes the necessity for regular reapplication and guarantees long-lasting protection for the coated surfaces.


Hardness up to 10H*
Paint >3-4years
PPF/Vinyl >2 years
Plastic >18 months
Wheels >2 years
Contact Angle 120 degrees
pH Resistance 1-13 pH
Cure Time 2 hours

Tests conducted for APEX NANO ONE

ASTM D4060 
ASTM D4541
ASTM D3359