Start your journey with APEX NANO™

Introducing 'ONE' a high performance multi surface carbon membrane ceramic coating developed by World leading coatings provider - Titan Coatings®

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Easily Applied
Engineered to be applied effortlessly and quickly on all hard surfaces. Indoor or Outdoor
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Enhanced Performance
Reinforced with graphene nanoplatelets and new wonder nano material borophene for superior thickness and rapid curing.
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'One' Bottle for all surfaces
APEX NANO™ includes various adhesion promoters, enabling it to bond to numerous surfaces and perform like a dedicated, surface-specific coating.
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World Class Coatings
Supported by Titan Technologies, a global leader in high-performance coating systems.
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Why use APEX NANO™?

''One' was created to cater to the burgeoning ceramic coating industry. We noticed professionals using various retail coatings for different surfaces. Our goal was to offer users a single coating that exceeds average performance on multiple surfaces. Therefore, 'One' is ideal for all types of paint, ppf, vinyl, plastic, and wheels and will surpass retail coatings developed for each surface type.

  • High performance – Invest in 'ONE' rather than multiple substandard retail coatings.
  • Made from premium components
  • Trusted Brand- Our brand is trusted in more than 30 countries, ensuring that you receive a superior product..
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Every component has been hand selected by industry leading chemical engineers

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The first step was selecting the perfect decommissioned coating blend. We utilise world class raw materials from across the globe

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Our R&D division then selected additives including UV stabilisers, adhesion promotors and nano additives such as the new wonder material Borophene for enhanced capabilities such as rapid curing.

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The prototype is then thoroughly lab tested, these include UV exposure, salt/acid/akali corrosion, adhesion, impact resistance, hardness, contact angle and of course real world testing.

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After countless prototypes and tests we then sign the formula off and put it into production

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After months of development, tests, compliance and installation troubleshooting- the coating is then released to the market.

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We tackle the challenges faced by professional coating installers.

Low quality substandard retail ceramic coatings for professionals can cause a range of issues that can negatively impact the performance and durability of various surfaces. These coatings are often marketed as cost-effective alternatives to higher quality options, but they lack the necessary properties and formulation to provide long-lasting protection. One of the main issues with low quality ceramic coatings is their inability to adhere properly to surfaces. These coatings may not have the necessary chemical composition or bonding agents to create a strong bond with the substrate. As a result, they can easily peel or flake off, leaving the surface vulnerable to damage from environmental factors such as UV rays, moisture, and chemicals. Another problem associated with substandard ceramic coatings is their limited durability. These coatings may wear off quickly, requiring frequent reapplication. This not only adds to the maintenance costs but also increases the risk of improper application, which can further compromise their effectiveness. In contrast, high-quality carbon membrane ceramic coatings are designed to provide long-term protection, often lasting several years without requiring reapplication.

  • Minimal Wastage - One bottle will protect all hard surfaces.
  • Minimal Top Ups
  • 100% User experience satisfaction guaranteed

Let's run through some numbers!

We are incredibly proud of our achievement in creating our industry leading multi surface coating!.

  • >3-4

    Lasts up to 5 years if you follow our care guide

  • >5μm

    up to 5μm thickness

  • 120°

    Incredibly Hydrophobic

  • 2

    Fully cured in 2 hours thanks to our borophene catalyst additive

Ready to Start?

APEX NANO™ is available to professionals and businesses only, ideally you will be proficient installing ceramic coatings. If not we are happy to offer you in depth training at one of our facilities in over 30 countries.